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The Journey:
A Relentless Effort to Spread
Motivation to the World

By Denesha Degraffenreid

The Journey: A Relentless Effort to Spread Motivation to the World is a collection of poetry that is deeply rooted by the events that occur in everyday life. The Journey will inspire and motivate readers to strive for greatness in life. The poems are written from real life perspectives, situations, and shaped by real life events throughout the author’s lifetime.

“A Teaspoon of Motivation,” “Can You Only Imagine,” “Umbrella,” “Mrs.” “Wrong,” “Fear,” “Guilt,” and “Shame” are just a few of the titles of the unique poems written by Degraffenreid.

About the Author

Denesha Degraffenreid, also known as “Journey” is a 27-year-old poetess. Journey has a strong desire to encourage others through words that led her to write her poetry book, The Journey. She noticed her passion for writing in the 3rd grade. Her favorite subject throughout school was English. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from the University of South Carolina with a concentration in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Later Journey decided to further her education and received a Masters of Social Work Degree from the University of South Carolina. She resides in Lancaster, South Carolina.