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ISBN: 978-0-9993455-7-3

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Singing Jeremy

By Gwendolyn H. Moore

Jeremy is a giraffe who loves to sing to entertain his friends. His singing was superb, but one week he sang so until he became hoarse. His friends offered their various remedies, but nothing seemed to work until one of his close friends shared her treatment for a sore throat. Within days Jeremy was himself again, showing that sometimes the simplest things work best.

About the Author

Gwendolyn H. Moore, a former educator, is the eldest of nine from Michigan. She is an avid lover of vocal music and literature. After enjoying reading children’s books to so many youngsters over the years, Gwendolyn decided to venture out and write her own picture book.

Singing Jeremy depicts her love for singing and literature. One of the characters is named after her granddaughter.