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Angelica’s Revenge

By Houstina Summers


Is LOVE a solution to the Brown/Black Gang Warfare?

Fashion designer, Houstina Summers, is not only creating style but she is creating solutions to gang violence in her first novel, Angelica’s Revenge. Summers penned her novel in five months after receiving a vision to help our youth from falling victim to senseless killings due to African American and Hispanic gang violence. Does LOVE CONQUER ALL? Some might say it’s just in theory only, but the question is in many tests in Angelica’s Revenge. Will an inter-racial love relationship between African American and Hispanic gang members solve the problem or add fire to flames?

About the Author

Summers lives in the San Fernando Valley, North of Los Angeles, California. She is a graphic designer, fashion designer, and a California State University Northridge graduate. A creative entrepreneur, Summers’ clothing line, Cowgirl Heaven, graced the runways during the recent Los Angeles Fashion Week. She has designed clothes for celebrities like Meagan Good and others. She is also the cover designer of her first novel, Angelica’s Revenge. This multi-talented artist has always used her gifts to encourage and inspire others.

Book Review

Angelica’s Revenge is a very interesting book written by Houstin Summers.  This book is mainly about two rival gangs that do everything they can or have in their hands for revenge against each other not worrying if its taking children’s life’s or their elders.

Josie, also known as Angelica, is practically the main character of this interesting book.  She is stuck between two worlds that hate each other with passion without her not even knowing it.  Josie and her brother Chris went to look for vengeance because of the death of their brother Treyvon.  They want to kill the rival gang member named Mario for killing Treyvon in front of their eyes when they little and for killing their parents too.  They don’t understand that Mario also did what he did for anger because Treyvon killed his younger brother Manny.  One day Chris and Josie went to look for him at a family party Mario had because it was his abuelita Roseanne’s birthday.  They shot him at his Abuelita’s house and then sped off but left Josie behind, Mario shot her in the arm and she went unconscious.  She then appeared in Mario’s house not knowing who she was or what she was doing there.  With lies, they kept her there because Roseanne believed she was an angel that was there to help both her and Mario.  Mario and her fell deeply in love but that was against every deep rule they had because she was African American and he was Hispanic, also they were rivals.  She fell in love not knowing who she was or her past.  Mario gained a lot of enemies from his own crew because they said he preferred her than his own “Raza.”  She later was brutally beaten and shot by a member of Mario’s crew named Essie.  She survived and later remembered everything that’s when her anger came to her.  Mario was then confronted by Josie and Chris, but Mario didn’t want to do anything because he knew he loved her to death.  Later police came and shot Mario, Josie was hurt in the inside because she knew she loved him too.  Mario died and Josie was sentenced to six months in jail.  When she was released she met with her brother and some members of her lovely Mario’s crew.  She didn’t get to be with her love bird but she did keep something very valuable from him, his son Mario Jr.

Christy L., Bowman High School Santa Clarita, CA