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ISBN: 978-0991638253

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Beyond the Crack Generation:
Surviving a Trauma Organized Culture

By K-Rahn Vallantine

Beyond the Crack Generation: Surviving a Trauma Organized Culture takes readers on an autobiographical journey sharing what created the lost youth generation of the 90’s and beyond. Vallantine addresses the pervasive and lingering impact the crack cocaine epidemic had on mainstream Hip Hop culture and Urban America, the generation whose children are now our disengaged youth. The author answers the echoing question: How did our young people lose their way? along with approaches to reclaiming and helping to heal them.

Beyond the Crack Generation: Surviving a Trauma Organized Culture offers first-hand experience with community challenges related to culture and the socio-economics of urban life.

K-Rahn’s not only been there and done that, but he’s lived to tell a compelling story of overcoming youthful mistakes and has returned with a roadmap to successful survival. Moreover, he does it without rancor, finger pointing or a sense of moral superiority.

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Professor of Sociology, Georgetown University

About the Author

K-Rahn is a training consultant and has worked with incarcerated youth in the juvenile halls and detention camps of Los Angeles, California. Throughout the years, he has served in education as a teacher, as well as a Board member for a San Gabriel Valley charter school and has sat on the steering committee for the Trauma-Informed Taskforce of Greater Los Angeles.


K-Rahn has dedicated his life to encouraging at-risk youth to make healthy life decisions.

He is the author of the Live Above the Hype Hip Hop Life Skills Curriculum™ and developer of the nationwide Urban Youth Culture Competency and Engagement™ training system.