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ISBN: 978-0-9981701-7-6

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Bruised, But Not Broken
From Private Pain to Public Victory

By Linda G. Hodge

Bruised, But Not Broken: From Private Pain to Public Victory is a collection of astounding, victorious stories. It’s a book for any woman who courageously chooses to step out of defeat and walk toward victory. The author, Linda G. Hodge is the voice of seven women who were unable to write or verbalize their stories. They have decided to unmask their faces, remove the shame, recover from humiliation, and become instruments of strength and dignity.

About the Author

Linda G. Hodge co-pastors with her husband, Dr. Fred L. Hodge, Jr. at Living Praise Christian Center in Chatsworth and Palmdale, California. Linda is a certified life coach and conference speaker. Together they founded Transformation Mentoring Culture, consisting of workshops, e-Lessons, and coaching. Linda is the author of five books.