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ISBN: 978-0-9993455-0-4

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Mean Girls are Losers
Vol. 1 – Who’s Brandy Series

By Randy D.Smith

Mean Girls are Losers is the first book of the Who’s Brandy? children’s book series, and addresses one of the most disturbing issues our children are facing today…Bullying. Brandy wants to become her favorite doll. She falls asleep and finds herself living as a doll in a toy store with her two best friends, Aarianna and Riley. Brandy and her friends go home with a little girl, Polkadot, who is at the toy store with her Mom. Brandy and her friends learn Polkadot is being bullied and their mission is to make things better.

About the Author

Randy D. Smith was inspired by his youngest daughter, Brandy to create the children’s book series, Who’s Brandy to help address the many elements our youth contend with in our society. His hope is the series will become a history shaper. Smith is the youngest of a family of five and a native of Gardena, California.