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ISBN: 978-09907199-5-3

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Lucy Elizabeth
and The Land of Dreams

By Teddy Wright, IV

Lucy Elizabeth and the Land of Dreams is a children’s picture book series about a little girl named Lucy, and her cat, The Lump. Whenever the two of them fall asleep, they are transported into a wonderful world of imagination, magic, fantasy and adventure; The Land of Dreams!

About the Author

Teddy Wright IV is a writer, artist and illustrator who was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. He moved away from home to attend the University of Colorado where he graduated with a degree in creative writing, and then found his way to Orange County, California, where he went to art school, acquiring a second degree in Media Arts and Animation.

Now a resident of Hollywood, California, he has worked on movies, video games, comic books, and commercials, but his goal has always been to write and illustrate his own books; Lucy Elizabeth and the Land of Dreams is his very first achievement of that goal.