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ISBN: 098187908X | 978-0981879086

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Wisdom Oil Released Daily

By Theresa Kirk

“Theresa Kirk is a gifted and spiritually potent communicator. Her ‘Real Approach’ intertwined with humor captivates her audience. As you read each inspiration, you will be enlightened by the simple freeing and profound nuggets of truth shared. This book will encourage you to see the value, calling, and mandate that Jesus has placed on our lives!” 

Pastor Linda Hodge, Co-Pastor at Living Praise Christian Center, Chatsworth, Lancaster, and Santa Clarita, California, and author of Woman Under Construction and Winning In Life

W.O.R.D. is the second volume of the Some Things Made Plain Series. In Some Things Made Plain, you witnessed creative inspirations regarding, our Lord in concert with an insightful balance on such topics as Wisdom, Courage, Forgiveness, Faith, and much much more. In W.O.R.D., you will learn more about who God is, His many names, what He is and His promises to you. W.O.R.D. offers seven sections to study for deeper knowledge of God’s Word:

– Jehovah – God’s name
– God Alone – His attributes
– Written in Stone – The 10 Commandments
– Mind for the Call – Renewing the mind daily
– Kirk Klan Faith – Our Testimonies
– Kingdom Preparation – Start practicing living in Heaven today
– Creative Power – The Holy Ghost in action

W.O.R.D. – Wisdom’s Oil Released Daily is a powerful, yet uncomplicated perspective of illustrations that God Himself wants YOU to see and comprehend.

“Time with Him = Wholeness” as you sit at His feet.

About the Author

Theresa Kirk is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She was encouraged by her sister, a Youth Pastor, to write her first book, Some Things Made Plain. Minister Kirk is currently a coordinator of the women’s ministry at her church, Living Praise Christian Center in Chatsworth, Lancaster, and Santa Clarita, California, under the leadership of Pastors Dr. Fred and Linda Hodge. Previously, as a member of New Beginnings Christian Center in Lancaster, California, under the leadership of Pastors Robert and Stella Quintanar, and Raymond and Marilyn Hernandez, she vigorously participated in the women’s ministry.

She lives in Valencia, California with her husband, Ron W. Kirk, and two amazing children, daughter Chelsea and son Jaylon.