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You Are…

31 Daily D.R.O.P.’s of Healthy Thoughts

By Emerald S. Wade

You Are. . . 31 Daily D.R.O.P.’s Of Healthy Thoughts  is a daily devotional designed to ignite women to think of themselves in more healthier and positive ways. Each day you will be reminded of who YOU ARE and encouraged to consume powerful thoughts one D.R.O.P. at a time.  

You Are. . .31 Daily D.R.O.P.’s of Healthy Thoughts is your guide through Definition, Reflection, Observation, and Petition to help you learn that you are more than who you think you are. 

About the Author

Emerald S. Wade loves her life and its’ imperfections. Emerald’s love for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, runs deep and cannot be shaken. Emerald’s love for her husband, Terrence Marcus Wade, is true and ever growing.Her love for her daughters, Brielle and Bailee, is consistently overflowing and her love for grapes stems from childhood and reminds Emerald to accept her uniqueness.