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 Author: Cilk Williams  Category: Nonfiction - Memoir  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-1-960001-06 | 978-1-960001-05-4  Language: English  Tags: Paperback: $19.95 | eBook: $9.99 |

Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Melanie Griffith, Joan Collins, Jennifer Lopez, and Halle Berry 

What do these people have in common

They have all been married three times or more… 

Paris’s memoir sets up her personal journey, whose mother has been married seven times uniquely to the same man twice in a row. In addition, she married and divorced multiple times and would even marry again to the one true love of her life. Based on a reallife bareall story, HUBS is not a howto book on marriage but a look at the life lessons that Paris encountered with relationships, madness, and survival

Paris shares how she always believed she would live a good prosperous married life until the pursuit of happiness proved differently. Perhaps her judge of character needed more spiritual guidance in what marriage is supposed to be with the vow of til death do us part.Nevertheless, Paris survived many lessons, lies, abuse, infidels, and criminal actors, which gave her the strength of a WINNER

About the Author


Cilk Williams is a firsttime book author; however, she has written, directed, and produced a host of original plays and storylines in the Christian church circuit. After being a featured singer/artist with the recording group Z’Lookein the mid-‘90s, Cilk earned her bachelor’s degree in Theatrical Arts Performance from California State University Long Beach. She is the mother of two adult children, motherinlaw, and grandmother to one grandson. Cilk currently resides in Nevada