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Angelica’s Revenge

 Author: Houstina Summers  Category: Fiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-0981879079  Language: English  Tags: Paperback $14.95 |


Is LOVE a solution to the Brown/Black Gang Warfare?

Fashion designer, Houstina Summers, is not only creating style but she is creating solutions to gang violence in her first novel, Angelica’s Revenge. Summers penned her novel in five months after receiving a vision to help our youth from falling victim to senseless killings due to African American and Hispanic gang violence. Does LOVE CONQUER ALL? Some might say it’s just in theory only, but the question is in many tests in Angelica’s Revenge. Will an inter-racial love relationship between African American and Hispanic gang members solve the problem or add fire to flames?


About the Author


Summers lives in the San Fernando Valley, North of Los Angeles, California. She is a graphic designer, fashion designer, and a California State University Northridge graduate. A creative entrepreneur, Summers’ clothing line, Cowgirl Heaven, graced the runways during the recent Los Angeles Fashion Week.

 She has designed clothes for celebrities like Meagan Good and others. She is also the cover designer of her first novel, Angelica’s Revenge. This multi-talented artist has always used her gifts to encourage and inspire others.