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Building Victorious Faith

 Author: Milton Whitley, Jr.  Category: Nonfiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-0-9888644-9-8  Language: English  Tags: Paperback $9.95 |

Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” 

Hebrews 11:39

Having faith is a requirement to please the Lord, however, it’s a process and we have to grow in our faith. Building Victorious Faith shares some basic construction steps on how to build victorious faith: Plan – Discover God’s promises found in the Word Design – Discover what God has designed for your life Blueprint – Identify all of the restrictions, conditions, and requirements found within the blueprint Prepare – Gather all of the materials required for continuous construction Organize – Get your construction process in order Move-in – Receive your keys to experience the reality of God’s mercy and goodness.


About the Author

Milton Whitley, Jr. was born on January 27, 1949, in Bakersfield, California to a very loving and hardworking family. He served in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division. He also served in both the Army National Guard and the Air Force Reserves.

Mr. Whitley attended Bakersfield College and graduated with an Associates of Arts Degree in Social Welfare. He later attended San Jose State University and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Service. Seeking further professional development, Mr. Whitley attended Fielding University where he obtained a Master of Arts Degree in Collaborative Educational Leadership. He was employed for more than 24 years with the Los Angeles County Office of Education in the Juvenile Court and Community Schools Division in Lancaster, California. Since retiring in 2005, Mr. Whitley enjoys spending time traveling, writing, and being a part of various family activities. He currently resides in California City, California.