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Daughter, Have I Told You Lately?

 Author: Luciana Gilmore  Category: Nonfiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-0-9981701-6-9  Language: English  Tags: Paperback $19.95 |

Daughter, Have I Told You Lately is an inspirational mother-daughter communication expressing personal sentiments to daughters. It is written to infuse daughters with pearls of wisdom, knowledge, and assurance of their greatness. The author believes our daughters need to know a mother’s greatest joy is nurturing them and watching them evolve into amazing women.


About the Author

Luciana Gilmore is the mother of two daughters and an educator for more than 15 years. Her inspiration for the book is her personal journey of rearing her girls and being a principal in one of the largest high schools in Cleveland, Ohio, where she mentors young girls. 

Experiencing trying times with her mother, Luciana began writing words to her daughters; the words she wished she heard as a young girl, and most certainly words her students need to hear. Along with her two daughters, Luciana is also the mother of one son. She and her family reside in Cleveland, Ohio.