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Don’t Cry for Love

 Author: Shar Sturges  Category: Fiction, Romance  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-1-950936-98-4 | 978-1-950936-23-6  Language: English  Tags: Paperback $14.95 | E-Book $4.99 |

Beauty Summers is a young, gullible, native, Los Angeles poet who has endured a relationship full of turbulence with her boyfriend, Randy Henderson. She struggles to cope with his death by reliving the twists and turns of their relationship. Beauty tries to escape her pain by hanging out at Joi’s, a poetry café, and meets heart-throb Breeze.

Beauty is a dreamer, but will she be satisfied with what her dreams reveal? Will she open her heart to Breeze? Will she conquer her ultimate goal of being a successful poet onstage, joyfully entertaining her audience rather than feeling as if water filled the room and she was floating?


About the Author

Shar Sturges, a former writer for and now freelances and performs in local community stage plays. She received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from California State University, Northridge, California, and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Shar resides in Southern California.