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Follow That Sign

 Author: Johnnie Marie Monroe (Jhani)  Category: Nonfiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-0-9854107-8-0  Language: English  Tags: Paperback $9.95 |

In Follow That Sign: Jhani’s Personal Guide to Yard Sales you will discover Jhani’s 11 steps to having successful yard sales, Jhani’s tips on finding what you want at yard sales at the best prices, and Jhani’s unique finds at yard sales. It’s an exciting and exceptional way to clean house and make money at the same time.


About the Author

Johnnie Marie Monroe (Jhani) was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her love for yard sales started as a hobby and grew into a business. She has been having yard sales, going to yard sales, and teaching others how to have yard sales for more than 24 years. Encouraged by her youngest son and many others, she decided to take her hobby/business to the next level and write her first book. 

Jhani holds a Master of Arts degree in Education from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. She has worked in her profession, but when the last Charter School where she was teaching, enrollment dropped, the school closed. She was encouraged to work her hobby as a means of making ends meet. Now her passion is her business.

Jhani lives in Lancaster, California, with her husband, Samuel. They have four children.