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 Author: TIKESHA MCNULTY  Category: Forgiveness  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 979-8-9869907-6-7|979-8-9869907-7-4  Language: English  Tags: Paperback: $14.95|eBook: $4.99 |

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                                                                                                   ARE YOU READY TO FORGIVE?

Forgiven is a transformative guide to achieving your highest potential by embracing forgiveness. The author shares personal experiences and insights, emphasizing that forgiveness is a process and a key to unlocking doors in your life. Through studying, meditating, and implementing forgiveness, the author has overcome adversity and grown. This book is a journey of becoming, offering hope and freedom from the bondage of the past.

About the Author



Tikesha McNulty, also known as Kesha, is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, US Army Veteran, and founder of the non-profit Hope in Hearts. With over 25 years of community service, she empowers underserved populations through advocacy and prayer. Kesha is also a Forgiveness coach, author of “Forgiven” and “Hadassah Anointing,” and CEO of the uplifting apparel company, 4 The Body. She serves as Minister of Missions and Outreach at her church.  Kesha and her husband, Christopher McNulty, reside in Arizona.