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Genres of Love

 Author: Tara Walker  Category: Nonfiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-0-9967262-1-5  Language: English  Tags: Paperback $16.95 |

Genres of Love: Expansion of the heart is a book on a soul travel. It’s an opportunity to ignite yourself and clearly see who you really are. This short collection removes the veil of blindness from you and clears blocks of uncertainty replacing it with confidence and purpose. Once you encounter those emotions as you travel within the untapped energy, “YOU,” then you are washed with the rain of paradise and able to hear the ocean’s breathe.

“Substantive quotes like those included in Reach for the Stars can be used by teachers as writing prompts for opinion writing and interpretation – both important skills.” 

Marc Winger, Ed.D., Retired Superintendent of Newhall School District, Newhall, California


About the Author


Tara Walker has her own radio show, “Tara’s Plug-Out of the Box,” where she has interviewed many celebrities such as Esai Morales, Willie Norwood, Jordan Maxwell, Azie Faison, and musician Chali2Na. Tara is a published writer and now an author of her first book. She is a widow with four incredible children, Omar, Raja, Laila, and Idris. Tara’s children are her life and she is deeply in love with them. They reside in Southern California.