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God Made Me Different

 Author: Belinda Butcher  Category: Children’s Books  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 979-9-9857184-2-3  Language: English  Tags: Paperback $15.95 |

God Made Me Different is a beautifully illustrated children’s book to help parents and educators teach children that no matter their skin color, the texture of their hair, where they were born, or who their parents are, we’re all God’s children. He created every person differently and uniquely in His image.

About the Author


Belinda Butcher is a wife and mother from Los Angeles, California. She is fostering in her children a sense of positive self-identity in a society that subjectively defines what is not beautiful. Belinda’s faith exposed her to the beauty and love available in Christ. She currently works full-time and is a student at California State University Northridge completing her degree in Public Administration. Belinda enjoys reading and spending time with her family.