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Guard Your Core

 Author: Jay Payne  Category: Nonfiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-09967162-9-1 | 978-0-9976622-2-1 | 978-0-9976622-7-6  Language: English  Tags: Ebook $2.99Hardcover $24.95Paperback $14.95 |

Guard Your Core: 17 Life Lessons on Me, Myself & I is a quick-read journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It provides a succinctly, engaging, yet revelatory roadmap for improving life balance. Guard Your Core: 17 Life Lessons on Me, Myself & I identifies the core type and personality type, which dictates what and who you are. The book explains that the core is made up of mind, body and spirit (emotions). One of these outweighs the other two facets in order for an individual to operate and function at their very best. It is the reader’s “core type” and it must be guarded. In Guard Your Core: 17 Life Lessons on Me, Myself & I, the reader will discover that their personality is made up of Me, Myself & I. One of these facets dominates over the other two. That is the “personality type.” The personality type must be resisted in order to maintain balance within interpersonal relationships. This book will help the person who is looking to attain life balance and gain a positive edge in dating, marriage, getting along with coworkers, employers and beyond as they start seeing and understanding people through their core and personality types.


About the Author


Jay Payne has successfully worked for many years within the field of Quality Control and Quality Assurance. He spent his final manufacturing years as a Director of Quality. Jay is a graduate of Purdue University and is a Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence with the American Society for Quality.

He has also served in various capacities of the clergy for more than 25 years. Jay resides in the South Bay Area of Southern California with his lovely wife, Tatiana.