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Heart of Submission

 Author: Sylvester Bell  Category: Nonfiction, Religion  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-1-950936-67-0|978-1-950936-68-7  Language: English  Tags: Paperback: $19.95|eBook: $3.99 |

Heart of Submission: Developing a Deeper Relationship with God outlines the necessary principles that will properly align your life with God’s plan. Your destiny and purpose will be activated when you submit your life to Him and His will. Submission is a principle that works in conjunction with God’s system of unity and organization. Submission to Jesus and His leadership team will put you in a position for godly provision, protection, and promotion. God has prepared your path to success, and the name of that path is SUBMISSION!

“Pastor Bell has captured a revelation that he has lived and role modeled for many years. This book is not information that he studied but a revelation that he has lived. It is a must-read for every believer.”– Apostle Fred L. Hodge, Jr. – Living Praise Christian Church

About the Author

Sylvester Bell

Sylvester Bell is a respected leader in the Christian community and a submitted servant who has dedicated his life to God. He has served as a ministry pastor at Living Praise Christian Church for more than 20 years Aside from serving as one of the Helps Directors, he serves as a council member for the men’s group, Men of Valor & Excellence(MOVE). Pastor Bell is a loving husband and father and he resides in Southern California.