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I Found Love

 Author: Veronica Bornn  Category: Nonfiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-1-950936-50-2 | 978-1-950936-51-9  Language: English  Tags: E-Book $3.99Paperback $14.95 |

Veronica Gandarilla-Bornn was born and raised in a small Mexican town in Guerrero, Mexico. She immigrated to America at the age of nine with her mother and five siblings. The author’s mom struggled to bring her family to America as most immigrants, to receive the benefits offered, such as an escape from poverty, superior education, plentiful job opportunities, and to join her husband, living in the States.

I Found Love is the author’s truth of the love she found along the way while encountering heartache, abuse, the murder of her father, imprisonment of her brothers, and a dying mother. After years of chaos, she found pure, beautiful, comforting, and incredible love. In Jesus Christ, she found the love she always hoped and looked for, and she gladly receives it. She found the unconditional love that was waiting for her all the time.


About the Author

Veronica Bornn served as a stay-at-home mother to her three children before entering into the workforce as an Elementary School Safety Supervisor. While at home with her children,

she participated in several adult ministries, including Titus Women’s Group, Real Life Church Mentoring Program, and International Bible Study Fellowship, serving as both a student and a leader.

I Found Love is her first book about her life experiences and testimony of God working in and through her to serve others. Veronica, her husband, Jason, and their three children reside in Santa Clarita, California.