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I Will be a Lawyer

 Author: Willa Robinson  Category: Children’s Books  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: Paperback 978-09907199-8-4  Language: English  Tags: Paperback $12.95 |

I Will Be A Lawyer When I Grow Up is the second book of the I Will Be empowerment books series for children, wonderful books for young children to start thinking and dreaming about their careers at an early age. The author believes when children are able to identify with professionals that look like themselves and possibly have come from similar backgrounds, it will help them make better choices for their future. The teachers are illustrated as cartoon-like funny characters and they share their successes and challenges to help children, ages 4 to 8 to believe in themselves. Young readers will learn that if these teachers with many obstacles and challenges can still do it, so can they. YES, THEY CAN! I Will Be A Lawyer When I Grow Up is easy to read, and the book’s colorful pages and illustrations will keep the young reader’s attention.


About the Author

Willa Robinson is the creator of I Will Be A Teacher When I Grow Up and I Will Be A Lawyer When I Grow Up, the first two books of the I Will Be empowerment book series for children ages 4 to 10, but appropriate for children of all ages and ethnicities. Her goal is to publish a book for every conceivable career and occupation so children can make excellent choices for their future.

 Other books of the series coming soon are I Will Be A Nurse When I Grow Up, I Will Be A Doctor When I Grow Up and I Will Be An Entrepreneur When I Grow Up. Mrs. Robinson believes it’s never too early to help children think about their future careers.