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LIV Vol. I

 Author: Eleanor “C-PASS” Jones  Category: Fiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: Hardback | 978-09976622-1-4 | Paperback | 978-0-9976622-8-3  Language: English  Tags: Hardback $24.95 | Paperback $19.95 |

In the interim, Liv had to face and overcome a myriad of deep-seated, complicated issues. You may see applications for possible issues in your own life as you discover how Liv learns to deal with her fears, to trust, to let go of hate and anger, to forgive, to overcome her fear of physical intimacy, and how she finds, loses, and renews her faith in God. Despite the absence of gratuitous profanity, violence, and explicit sex, LIV contains elements that will provide satisfaction for those who crave such content but won’t offend those who do not.


About the Author

Eleanor “C-PASS” Jones is a speaker, Amazon #1 best-selling author, and singer-songwriter. Her stage name and brand is Eleanor “C-PASS” Jones. Her varied background includes experience as an executive secretary, an administrative assistant, financial manager, trust accountant, and performing and visual artist.

 Eleanor has authored three romance novels, and she also writes nonfiction, poetry, short stories, newsletters, obituaries, handbooks, instruction manuals, and more. Currently, she is performing, writing, and marketing her books, and has returned to public speaking. Eleanor has a fond interest in speaking with and motivating abused and battered women. Married with children and grandchildren, Eleanor resides in Los Angeles.