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 Author: Eleanor “C-PASS” Jones  Category: Fiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: Hardback 978-1-950936-40-3 | Paperback 978-1-950936-39-7 | Ebook 978-1-950936-41-0  Language: English  Tags: Hardcover $24.95 | Softcover $19.95 | eBook $9.99 |

Love and Faith Prevail . . . In the face of trials, challenges, and life-threatening situations, it is the love for family, the love of God, and faith, and trust in Him that sustain Morgan and Liv and enable them to emerge victoriously.

Vol. III begins in Hawaii, where the couple is celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. While there, they reflect on their ten years as husband and wife. Breaches by both of their policy of no secrets jeopardized their relationship and subjected them to life-threatening situations.


About the Author

Eleanor “C-PASS” Jones is a speaker, Amazon #1 best-selling author, and singer-songwriter. Her stage name and brand is Eleanor “C-PASS” Jones. Her varied background includes experience as an executive secretary, an administrative assistant, financial manager, trust accountant, and performing and visual artist.

 Eleanor has authored three romance novels, and she also writes nonfiction, poetry, short stories, newsletters, obituaries, handbooks, instruction manuals, and more. Currently, she is performing, writing, and marketing her books, and has returned to public speaking. Eleanor has a fond interest in speaking with and motivating abused and battered women. Married with children and grandchildren, Eleanor resides in Los Angeles.