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Some Things Made Plain – 2nd Edition

 Author: Theresa Kirk  Category: Inspirational, Nonfiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-1-950936-18-2|978-1-950936-95-3  Language: English  Tags: Paperback: $14.95|eBook: $3.99 |

The author can help readers better understand the Bible. She’s an expert on applying the Word of God to one’s everyday life situations with truth and humor. The 2nd Edition of the devotional series, Some Things Made Plain, includes enhanced clarity for the reader and inspiring devotionals with new revelations God has given her in the last eleven years.


Simplicity is serene and very attractive in today’s complicated world. Some Things Made Plain is a collection of faith-driven wisdom and inspiration from Theresa Kirk. She encourages readers to find the virtues we all share, to look to the Word of God and themselves to find that path in our life, which is often difficult to find. With a bit of humor blended in, Some Things Made Plain is an inspirational text faithful readers should very much consider.

-The Midwest Book Review

About the Author

Theresa Kirk is an ordained minister, teacher, author, international speaker, mentor, and coach. Her mission is to help people understand that the Word of God is simple, full of compassion, and yet loaded with power that Jesus endorsed for us to use while we’re here on earth. She’s actively working on her sixth and seventh books, Some Things Made Plain, a devotional for children, and Pray Like Hannah. Theresa is the mother of two beautiful adult children, Chelsea and Jaylon, and resides in Valencia, California.