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Some Things Made Plain

 Author: Theresa Kirk  Category: Nonfiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: Paperback 978-0-9818790-1-7 | Hardcover 978-0-9818790-2-4  Language: English  Tags: Hardcover $19.95 |

Some Things Made Plain will minister to your hearts and minds through the gift that God himself has given.  Minister Kirk has a gift of revelation, knowledge and the ability to help readers understand the Bible.

Some Things Made Plain has some of the most unique titles and topics that will pique your interest to take the time to read this book from start to finish or day by day. You will find solutions in some of the following areas, such as Courage, Forgiveness, Faith, and Mercy that are biblically based, plain and simple, humorous, makes good sense, and you can apply to your everyday life situations.

Theresa Kirk’s mission is for readers to understand that the Word is SIMPLE, full of compassion, and yet it is loaded with power that Jesus himself has endorsed for us to use while we are still here on earth.

Some Things Made Plain is the first book of a series of four.  The other books in the series that will follow are W.O.R.D., The Explicit Grace and It’s That Simple.

Enjoy the journey!


About the Author

Theresa Kirk is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She was encouraged by her sister, a Youth Pastor, to write her first book, Some Things Made Plain. Minister Kirk is currently a coordinator of the women’s ministry at her church, Living Praise Christian Center in Chatsworth and Lancaster, California, under the leadership of Pastors Dr. Fred and Linda Hodge. 

Previously, as a member of New Beginnings Christian Center in Lancaster, California, under the leadership of Pastors Robert and Stella Quintanar, and Raymond and Marilyn Hernandez, she vigorously participated in the women’s ministry.

She lives in Valencia, California with her husband, Ron W. Kirk, and two amazing children, daughter Chelsea and son Jaylon.