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The Beauty Within

 Author: Marie J. Brown  Category: Nonfiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-1-950936-43-4 / 978-1-950936-42-7  Language: English  Tags: E-book $9.95Paperback $19.95 |

The Beauty Within  The Other Side of Trauma is a collection of quotes and personal stories of 31 seniors who share the other side of their trauma. Photographer and first-time author, Marie J. Brown discovered her passion: caring for seniors, a community that’s often overlooked and forgotten. She captures their beauty in full color and transforms them with make-over images that provide different attitudes as they see themselves in a new reflective mirror. 

The seniors in The Beauty Within The Other Side of Trauma have experienced the loss of parents, spouses, and children; chronic and life-threatening diagnoses; homelessness, abandonment, depression, and so much more. Yet they are still here to celebrate the remainder of their lives. The author hopes this book will inspire readers to honor the seniors in your life. The knowledge, experience, and wisdom you may need to fulfill your life may be hidden in the seniors close to you.

About the Author

Marie J. Brown is an author, mother, and grandmother, despite being told by an elementary school teacher that she would be a dropout at 15 and a mother of two at 17. After completing graduate school, she received a certificate in real estate, counseling, and Mediation in Los Angeles Superior Court. She also volunteers at East Rancho Dominguez Planning and Action Committee, endeavoring to improve one block at a time. Marie is happy to live in Southern California close to her brilliant daughter, Mia, and handsome grandson, Jeremiah.