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The Bling Bling Bird

 Author: Linda M. Gentry  Category: Nonfiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-0-9993455-4-2  Language: English  Tags: Paperback $12.95 |

The Bling Bling Bird is about a bird with the desire to look unique. She finds a shiny necklace and overly adorns herself with jewels to show off for others. The bird learns that too much adornment is not always a good thing. Just a little bling is more than enough, and it still doesn’t change the person inside.


About the Author


Linda M. Gentry is the author and illustrator of her first children’s book, The Bling Bling Bird. It was her children who encouraged her to publish the stories she made up to entertain them when they were young. 

Although she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, writing is her passion. Mrs. Gentry is married with four children and one grandson. She and her husband live in Maryland.