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 Author: CHARITY McQUEEN AND BIANCA McQUEEN  Category: Children’s Fiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-1-960001-07-8 | 978-1-960001-08-5| 978-1-960001-09-2  Language: English  Tags: $8.99 - $17.95 |


The Genius Crew is a children’s book series introducing the fictional Bearden Preparatory Academy students. These certified geniuses feel less alone together. The series intends to create awareness of child geniuses and their idiosyncrasies, so parents, educators, and anyone connected to them can recognize and support their gifts and passions.

About the Author

As an infant, Bianca noticed Charity’s early signs of brilliance and vowed to ensure to serve Charity both educationally and psychosocially. Charity’s I.Q. tests confirmed Bianca’s suspicions before she entered kindergarten. Now a teenager, Charity enjoys martial arts, theater, and playing the drums, and she loves all things S.T.E.A.M. The beach is her happy place. Charity and her Mama love traveling, cooking, practicing yoga, and riding horses together. Charity is the light of Bianca’s world. Bianca is a Child Welfare Social Worker, Educator, and a Producer. They reside in both Detroit and Los Angeles.