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The Only Way to Win a Fight

 Author: Sandra McCoy  Category: Faith Based  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-1-950936-59-5 | 978-1-950936-60-1  Language: English  Tags: EBook $4.95Paperback $14.95 |

The Only Way to Win a Fight will provide scriptural prayers and honest conversations with God to help you win challenges. You will learn how to throw blows that will knock your enemies out and see more victories as you pray the prayers at everything life throws at you.

“I remember being a small child and having anxieties, worries, and doubts. I would seek advice from my mother. She didn’t always have the answers, but she knew how to get them. My life has been transformed through the prayers of my mother. I hope you will tap into this transformation power too.”

Eli Alexander, Author’s son

“Sandra brings prayer wherever she goes. I remember her praying for her work life, and she would come home with testimonies about how God answered her prayers! Some would take longer than others, but God would indeed answer her prayers in the perfect timing. It has given me faith and confidence that God would answer my prayers, too. And He does. Thank you, Sandra, for paving the way for prayer!”

Victoria Alexander, Author’s daughter-in-love


About the Author

Sandra McCoy has been called a Prophetic Prayer Warrior. She has served on the prayer ministry team at her church, Living Praise Christian Church, Palmdale, California for more than 12 years. Sandra believes prayer is a lifestyle you can’t live without. 

She credits the struggles of being a single mom and raising three children to her consistent need to pray. God speaks to her in visions when Sandra prays and has given her the ability to know things before they even happen. She has a love affair with prayer. Sandra lives in Irvine, California, and you can catch her on her Facebook page, “Let’s Pray Y’all.”