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The Silent Agreements

 Author: Wil Shelton  Category: Nonfiction, Religion  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: 978-1-7368613-0-1 | 978-1-7368613-1-8  Language: English  Tags: Paperback: $19.95 | eBook: $9.99 |

The author, Wil Shelton, uses boxing metaphorically to explain the subtle and not-so-subtle, below-the-belt tactics white corporate leaders use to knock out African American executives. He empowers Black executives and their allies to go toe-to-toe with white corporate America by explaining how boxing techniques can prepare them for the fight of their lives.

“An entrepreneur’s guide to Black survival in corporate America. A well-researched, highly readable workplace manual.”

-Kirkus Reviews


“Every business and social issues library should contain a copy of The Silent Agreement: An Illusion if Inclusion in Black Corporate America. The survey is that unique–and that central to formulating a better understanding of the fight for inclusion and diversity in the workplace and how that struggle is more an effort to change mindsets and preconceptions than it is about instigating rules and methods to promote equality.”

-Midwest Book Review

About the Author

Wil Shelton is the founder, president, and CEO of Wil Power Integrated Marketing, a global multicultural marketing agency specializing in beauty and grooming industries. He wrote The Silent Agreement as a call to action to America’s corporations regarding their sincerity in sharing solidarity with the Black community. Wil coaches companies challenged with diversity and inclusion and bolsters them toward corporate transparency. He, his wife, and their children reside in the Los Angeles area.