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Woman Under Construction

 Author: Linda G. Hodge  Category: Nonfiction  Publisher: KP Publishing Company  ISBN: Paperback 978-0-9818790-4-8 | Ebook 978-0-9818790-6-2  Language: English  Tags: Paperback $12.95 | E-Book $9.95 |

“Setbacks are opportunities for comebacks from grief or depression. Even when people have counted you out for life, and thought you would never be back: With resilience, commitment, tenacity, and a strategy, you are able to come out of the ashes of adversity!” 

This thought-provoking, page-turner incorporates a plethora of home improvement-driven anecdotes, stories of hope and magical metaphors, along with Godly wisdom and Agape love. To help illustrate the great deal of work women often put into concealing attitudes, hurts and unhealthy emotions, Hodge meticulously describes the arduous construction process of “masking” walls. She details how workers first place sheet rock on a wall, fill in cracks with masking tape, and then apply a joint compound to patch up holes and blemishes. In another intriguing tale, Hodge recounts the story of walking through a home still under construction, where she passes by scattered piles of straight and “bent” nails. All of the nails are ostensibly covered by grime (Hodge views it as sin of all sorts), before finally stopping to take a closer look at a particular nail. The author then articulates how the Master Builder picks up defective or “bent” nails, dusts them off, and hammers them back into place.

There are plenty of these engaging, real-life applications designed to encourage readers to reach their point of healing and success. For women battling issues of grief and depression, WUC is the assurance guide that suggests women clear their “leaky pipes,” and find ways to release and transform emotional bondage within the mind. Hodge also delicately confronts sexual molestation by inculcating lessons on self-love and letting go of of unwarranted guilt.

About the Author

Linda G. Hodge is a wife, mother, grandmother, eloquent motivational speaker, and co-pastor with husband, Dr. Fred L. Hodge at Living Praise Christian Center, in Chatsworth, Lancaster, and Santa Clarita, California. Through their partnership and marriage of over 30 years, they have led godly lives of faith, hope, and love along with their five children and six grandchildren. 

For more than a decade, Hodge has produced conferences, seminars, and extreme personal makeovers designed to uplift, support, and empower women with the tools to renovate and restore their God-given destiny in life. Her commitment to abused women and children is unwavering.