Emily’s Gift (English)

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About the Author

Ellen Shane is a dog lover, wife, mother, public speaker, author, co-founder, and executive director of The Emily Shane Foundation. In addition to Ellen’s work with the Foundation, she provides private grief support counseling and is working on the next book in the series of true stories about their dogs, who came into their lives thanks to Emily. 

Ellen received the KNX 1070 Honda Hero of the Week in October 2018, the Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama in 2015, and many other noble awards. She has a degree in marketing with a concentration in Organizational Behavior from McGill University in Montreal. Ellen resides in Southern California.

Owning a puppy is a big responsibility, and boy is Emily ready! It is too bad her parents do not agree! Emily’s Gift: The True Story of Sherlock and Jackson is a moving tale of how the youngest Shane sibling tries to negotiate a puppy for her loving and pet-less family. Emily’s Gift: The True Story of Sherlock and Jackson explores the various steps to pet ownership. From parental consent to understanding the responsibility of owning a dog, to selecting a puppy, and properly caring for the new family member. Emily wants to experience one of the greatest joys on earth, dog ownership. This book is a chapter from the lives of the Shane Family. The Shane’s would not have met Sherlock and Jackson but for Emily’s consistent advocacy.

The Story Behind the Book:

Emily Rose Shane was tragically murdered on April 3, 2010. She was kind to all, compassionate, empathic, and eager to help anyone in need. She was a happy person who almost always had a smile on her face. Emily always tried to help any person or living creature in need. She always had an encouraging word, a hug, or an invitation to join her if you were alone. She brought smiles and happiness with her contagious laughter. The Emily Shane Foundation was founded in loving memory of Emily. The foundation focuses on spreading her message of kindness and giving through the #PassItForward campaign, as well as the unique educational initiative, the Successful Educational Achievement (SEA) Program. This book celebrates Emily Shane and her unwavering love and persistence to obtain a dog. Proceeds from this book will go to her Foundation and Emily’s favorite animal charity.


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