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Twins in Pairs Paris

By Melba Johnson / Kelsey & Skyler

Explore the most popular sights in the “City of Lights,” Paris, France with Twins Friends, Kelsey and Skyler. Travel with the Twin Friends as they keep you interested with exciting fun and historical facts, puzzles, mazes, and lots of other activities from connecting the dots and drawing the Mona Lisa’s face.

They want you to see what they see as the travel the world.

Twins is Pairs Paris is a collaboration of Kelsey and Skyler and their NaNa (Melba Johnson).

About the Author

Skyler and Kelsey Yates are seven-year-old identical twins living life on their own terms. Kelsey and Skyler enjoy singing, dancing, and performing for anyone who will pay attention. They began playing the violin and studying the Suzuki method at three and one half years old.
They started acting at 18 months old and have had a reoccurring role on a popular TV show for the past few years. They love to travel and plan on hitting every destination on their bucket list (which they created at five years old) from Cairo, Egypt to Disneyland Tokyo. Always preferring to hop on a plane rather than receive gifts for birthdays and holidays. On any given day you can catch the twins hanging out with their 2nd grade classmates, hitting the tennis courts for lessons or concocting a science experiment in the kitchen, in between homework and school.

Melba T. Binion Johnson is a professional actress/model and she has been working in this field for the last 13 years, specifically in the commercial and print industry. She is a 36-year practitioner and senior teacher of the Bikram Hot Yoga, as well as a certified Core Power Yoga instructor. Recently, she launched a start-up Yoga line of apparel called, “It’s a Wrap by Melba.”

She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from California State University, Dominguez Hills and a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design
and Merchandising (FIDM) specializing in merchandising and marketing. Melba Binion Johnson is married and mother to five children and grandmother to Kelsey and Skyler Yates, co-authors of Twins in Paris. She resides in San Pedro, California.