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52 Ways to Love My Man
52 Ways to Love My Man is a 52nd Anniversary Card from the author (wife), family, and friends of Vernon...
Nonfiction Author: Willa Robinson
I Will be a Lawyer
I Will Be A Lawyer When I Grow Up is the second book of the I Will Be empowerment books series...
Children’s Books Author: Willa Robinson
I Will be a Teacher
I Will Be A Teacher When I Grow Up The first book of the children’s empowerment book series, ‘I Will...
Children’s Books Author: Willa Robinson

What authors say about us

“KP Publishing Company (formerly Knowledge Power Books) has published five of my books. It is a blessing to work with Willa Robinson and her team. Her patience and endurance are unmatched. Willa is by far the most reliable publisher and think-ing partner a writer can have.”

Barbara A. Perkins, M.A.

Master Life Coach, Author, Mentor, International Speaker

“Willa Robinson takes her time to ensure that you are aware of every step needed to complete your writing vision. I have published four books with KP Publishing, and I plan to continue this very prosperous journey with her by my side.”

Theresa Kirk

Minister, International Speaker, Author of the Some Things Made Plain, Devotional series

“Willa Robinson is the ultimate “user-friendly” publisher. I am very grateful to her for how she held my hand and walked with me through the steep learning curve that resulted in the publishing of my first two books. Not only did she help me to grow as an author, but she also became a treasured friend.”

Eleanor “C-PASS” Jones

Singer-Songwriter and author of LIV-Vol I, Once Upon a Time, and LIV-Vol II, Happily Ever After